General Presentation

Lawford Investment is an asset management and private equity real estate company based in Paris and Geneva. We offer a range of services to high net worth individuals. The Lawford Investment team attaches great importance to the relational side, to trust and reciprocity, and advises local and international clients. For the financial advisory business, Lawford Investment has a large amount of assets under management (AUM) listed on the stock exchange, deposited in the books of leading banks and insurers, distributed between France, Luxembourg and Swiss. These listed assets are invested in the United States, in emerging countries and in Europe.

For the real estate investment business, Lawford Investment has already carried out a large number of "value add" real estate projects in France and the United States. Negotiation, acquisition, structuring, renovation, rental management and in some cases resale. Added to this is a large number of real estate transactions. Our clients value our independent approach to helping them define and prioritize their real estate and financial investment goals. In order to offer the widest range of tailor-made services to its clients, Lawford Investment also works with a number of qualified and experienced partners.

Approvals and licenses in France:

RCS, Paris trade and companies register: registered under number 810 259 325 ORIAS, Organization for the single register of insurance, banking and finance intermediaries: registered under number 15006939 as: Financial investment adviser (CIF ), Insurance or reinsurance broker (COA), Broker in banking transactions and payment services (COBSP). ANACOFI-CIF, the National Association of Financial Advisors: registered under number E009160. CCI, Chamber of Commerce and Industry: professional card n° CPI 7501 2021 000 000 017.

Approvals and licenses in Switzerland:

REE, register of companies and establishments: registered under IDE n° CHE-386.107.900 ARIF, Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers: registered under number 14102 GSCGI, Swiss Group of Independent Management Consultants: Associate Member FINSOM, Financial Services Ombudsman: : affiliated under number AF230216-000921.

Charbel Frem Presentation

Charbel FREM, President of Lawford Investment, holds a Master's degree in Finance from the European Business School, Paris. He also obtained a certificate in FinTech from Harvard Business School, Boston. Charbel started his career in private banking at Citibank between Paris and Luxembourg. He is co-founder of Matignon Finances, an asset management company based in Paris.

Charbel is a Financial advisor and has a great experience in portfolio management in stock market (US, China and Europe). He is also the founder and manager of many real estate companies. Under his leadership, these companies raised capital locally and internationally to invest in numerous properties. Most of the acquisitions made took place in Paris and its region as well as in the USA. He used to lecture Wealth management at European Business School Paris, for Master 2 students. Charbel has been appointed Foreign Trade Advisor of France by a decree of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Elisabeth BORNE, for a mandate of three years.

An independent perspective

Managing a family’s wealth requires careful thought and judgment. The comfort and freedom financial security provides can too often be burdened by the time-consuming task of dealing with overseeing assets and financial affairs. As wealth increases so does the complexity of decision-making required to effectively manage a growing portfolio of assets and investments.

A coordinated approach

Lawford investment is an independent, unbiased advisory service: we are responsible to the client, not to a financial institution or product.

We also recognize clients have existing relationships with other professional organizations such as investment institutions, lawyers, and accountants. We do not replace these relationships; instead, we coordinate them to maximize opportunities for wealth creation and preservation. Our approach encompasses a wider range of services essential to successful wealth management. Family governance and safeguarding a legacy includes various disciplines such as wealth advices, investment management, business consultancy, legal structures, and generational transfer. Lawford Investment creates the most suitable solution for each situation, enabling clients to make informed and wise decisions.

When significant wealth is created, it can open up new opportunities as well as new challenges for individuals and their families as they acclimatize to the increased complexities that come with this new world. One of the perennial challenges faced by almost every family is balancing the desire to preserve wealth through the generations with the income needs and ambitions of the current generation.

These competing, sometimes conflicting, imperatives drive decisions and investment strategies can extend beyond financial parameters. Achieving the right balance demands a clear, long-term vision, a detailed understanding of the needs and goals of the family.

Helping to solve wealth issues

The Lawford Investment team has extensive experience in working with families to achieve their objectives, implement their wealth strategies across the globe, and establish long-term structures fit for the future. Our suite of offerings has been designed specifically for wealthy families. Our aim is to address some of the fundamental questions and achieve clarity around priorities, wants and needs in order to help define and execute an effective strategy that preserves the family’s wealth and legacy into the future.

Reputation and privacy

For Lawford Investment, managing risk is not just about the investment strategy, it is also about preserving a client’s reputation, as well as protecting confidentiality and privacy. By understanding our clients and their overall objectives, we help develop a long-term strategy for them that balances their current needs with their ambitions for the future.

Lawford’s team has over 20 years of experience, working under a wide range of regulatory bodies, with a deep knowledge of our markets and an understanding that has faced economic and fiscal realities change. Our service offering needs to continually evolve to meet the needs of our clients. We remain permanently abreast of all compliance, taxation and anti-money laundering regulations. Furthermore, we continually monitor all developments in the increasingly sophisticated world of cyber-crime.